Gift Boxes

Send the fun of a gift basket in a horizontal box that's more economical to ship!

We have a wide selection of handcrafted gift boxes. Don't forget, you can still customize any gift box in our catalog! Just give us a call at 303-454-8844 to get started with your custom order.

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Customized & Unique Gift Boxes for Every Occasion

We are your magicians for gift giving. At A la Carte Gifts and Baskets in Denver, Colorado, we are your personal gift giving magicians. We craft the perfect gift box for anyone and for any reason. Corporate events, holiday celebrations, special occasions with friends and family, or enjoying Valentine’s Day with your significant other. No matter the reason, no matter the occasion, we have plenty of hand-crafted, custom-made gift boxes just for you. Best of all, you don’t have to live in Colorado to receive it. We conveniently ship our gift boxes nationwide and offer same-day delivery for our local Denver residents. Don’t delay! Browse our gift box collection today to see what we can offer you.

Gift Boxes for Women

To celebrate that special young lady or woman in your life, we curated beautiful gift boxes perfect for your wife, girlfriend, mother, grandmother, daughter, or best friend. No matter who it is, our Spa Box is filled with everything she could need to feel fabulous, pampered, and special with self-care beauty products, lotion, chocolate treats, gourmet food, and more.

Gift Boxes for Men

With so many holidays to celebrate in a year, we wanted to make a unique gift basket and gift box for each one. Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, you name it, we make it! Browse our collection of available gift baskets or submit a custom order for your holiday.

Holiday Gift Boxes

With so many holidays to celebrate every year, we wanted to make a unique gift box for each one. Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and more. You name it, we make it! And if we don’t stock it, we will custom make it. Browse our collection of available gift boxes or submit a custom order for your favorite holiday.

Decorative Gift Boxes

We all have a unique eye for design. At A la Carte gifts, each gift box is custom made, handcrafted, and sold for your unique occasion, holiday, or event. If you have a color theme, event theme, or a special design feature that aligns with your design, we curate the gift box to meet your specifications. Our gift boxes can be made with a lid or open face and are designed with colorful, eye-popping accessories including packaging strings, confetti, garland, twigs, and more. You name it. We have it.

Wine & Cheese Gift Boxes

When you think of the perfect pairing, wine and cheese always come to mind. There’s something truly special about putting delicious cheese with a fine wine into a gift box. Handcrafted to meet your needs as well as cheese and wine preferences, our  Classic Wine and Cheese gift box is perfect for that wine connoisseur who enjoys this joyous pastime.

Gourmet Food Gift Boxes

Our gourmet food gift boxes are a perfect surprise that will tickle your taste buds, satisfy your sweet craving, and leave you wanting more. Packed with your favorite dark chocolate, fancy beef jerky, the fanciest and finest cheeses, fresh fruit, gourmet coffee, and much more. It’s that fancy gift box you’ve been searching for with the perfect level of decadence.

Birthday Gift Boxes

Hard to believe that it’s that time of year again. Time sure does fly by. This time, why not try something different? Instead of gifting your friend or loved one with something standard, surprise them with a custom gift box that perfectly combines what they love most. Do they have a favorite snack or sweet treat? Maybe treat them with a spa basket for relaxation? Whatever you think they would like, we have many birthday gift boxes for him, her, mom, dad, brother, sister, significant other — anyone you can think of!

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Snack Food Gift Boxes

Why go to your local grocery store for a generic snack box when you can customize your own filled with delicious, gourmet snacks that satisfy your taste buds? Himalayan salt chips, fancy cheeses, beef jerky, soothing tea, trail mix, milk chocolate, cookies, candy, popcorn, you name it! Our snack food gift boxes are action-packed to deliver a mouthwatering snack attack while you sit back and chill on that comfy sofa.

Spa Gift Boxes

Everyone needs… scratch that. Everyone deserves a spa day! But we don’t always have the time in our busy schedules to make it to the beauty salon. We can fix that! Our handcrafted Spa Box is a hit for those who need a DIY spa day of relaxation from the comfort of your home. This is a perfect gift for that special someone in your life who never quits and holds things down on the daily. Skin care products, beauty products, lotion, skin scrubs, delectable candies, oh my! A thoughtful, custom spa gift will surely make someone’s day.

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Get Well Soon Gift Boxes

When you feel under the weather, there is nothing better than knowing someone is thinking of you. If you’re looking to put a smile on someone’s face, our Get Well Soon gift box has the essentials to help a person in need. Our team thought of the perfect goodies that brighten spirits and make any day better, such as chicken noodle soup, soothing tea, delicious snacks, puzzle games, and more, then we stuffed them all into one big, heartwarming gift box. Best of all, these gift boxes are fully customizable based on what you are looking for. We go by the name “A la Carte” for a reason!

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