Citing record-high prices for gasoline, our courier service will be charging a new fuel fee to help offset costs for our delivery drivers. We will continue to track gas price movements to determine if we need to make additional changes. The surcharge will be in effect until the average price of gas drops below $3.50. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for choosing A la Carte Gifts and Baskets!

A la Carte ABCs!

Cindy Kent | 13 August, 2021

  1. A la Carte – That’s us! (And it means you can customize your gift however you’d like.)
  2. Baskets – (Obviously.) We make them, we sell them, we love them.
  3. Cindy – The owner of our company and our fearless leader of 25 years. (And her pup!)

  4. Denver – The Mile High City we call home!
  5. Events – Corporate events, silent auctions, raffles, we can cater to anything.
  6. Festivities – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, S’mores Day… you name it!
  7. Gifts – Including gift boxes, not just baskets!

  8. Handwritten – Handwritten message cards, for that added personal touch.
  9. Ingenuity – Clever, original, and inventive with our designs.
  10. Joy – We have it and we try our best to spread it!
  11. Knowledge – We know the gift basket game pretty darn well.
  12. Local Love! – We support other local small businesses whenever possible and most of our favorite products are made right here in Colorado.
  13. Megan – Our lead designer and the mastermind behind most of our creations. (And her pup!)

  14. National – We do most of our business locally but also ship nation-wide.
  15. Off the Charts – Want a gift that’s off the charts? We can make you a gift that’s off the charts!
  16. Penguins! – So cute and dapper in their little suits.
  17. Quality – We consistently receive 5-star reviews for our products and customer service, which we take very seriously.
  18. Ribbon – Have you seen our bows? They’re big and bold and all hand-tied.

  19. Shred – Shred in our baskets, on our floors, in our noses – shred EVERYWHERE.
  20. Taz! – She’s our neighbor dog and comes to visit sometimes for pats :)
  21. University Building – Our office is currently located on the 3rd floor of this historic building on the 16th Street Mall.
  22. Versatile – Gifts for any occasion!

  23. Women-Owned – Who run the world? Girls.
  24. X-citement – We get excited when we create a gift and hope the recipient is just as excited when they get it!
  25. You! – We wouldn’t be in business without all our fantastic customers.
  26. Zeal – We are energetic! We are enthusiastic! We are full of zeal!

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