A la Carte ABCs!

Cindy Kent | 13 August, 2021

  1. A la Carte – That’s us! (And it means you can customize your gift however you’d like.)
  2. Baskets – (Obviously.) We make them, we sell them, we love them.
  3. Cindy – The owner of our company and our fearless leader of 25 years. (And her pup!)

  4. Denver – The Mile High City we call home!
  5. Events – Corporate events, silent auctions, raffles, we can cater to anything.
  6. Festivities – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, S’mores Day… you name it!
  7. Gifts – Including gift boxes, not just baskets!

  8. Handwritten – Handwritten message cards, for that added personal touch.
  9. Ingenuity – Clever, original, and inventive with our designs.
  10. Joy – We have it and we try our best to spread it!
  11. Knowledge – We know the gift basket game pretty darn well.
  12. Local Love! – We support other local small businesses whenever possible and most of our favorite products are made right here in Colorado.
  13. Megan – Our lead designer and the mastermind behind most of our creations. (And her pup!)

  14. National – We do most of our business locally but also ship nation-wide.
  15. Off the Charts – Want a gift that’s off the charts? We can make you a gift that’s off the charts!
  16. Penguins! – So cute and dapper in their little suits.
  17. Quality – We consistently receive 5-star reviews for our products and customer service, which we take very seriously.
  18. Ribbon – Have you seen our bows? They’re big and bold and all hand-tied.

  19. Shred – Shred in our baskets, on our floors, in our noses – shred EVERYWHERE.
  20. Taz! – She’s our neighbor dog and comes to visit sometimes for pats :)
  21. University Building – Our office is currently located on the 3rd floor of this historic building on the 16th Street Mall.
  22. Versatile – Gifts for any occasion!

  23. Women-Owned – Who run the world? Girls.
  24. X-citement – We get excited when we create a gift and hope the recipient is just as excited when they get it!
  25. You! – We wouldn’t be in business without all our fantastic customers.
  26. Zeal – We are energetic! We are enthusiastic! We are full of zeal!

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