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Who Are We?

Our team is tight-knit, woman-led, and loves to have fun. We're also just like you: we're busy and we like nice things. That's why we are proud to have been here since 1996 to provide the best gift-giving service in the Denver metro area!

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We Create Custom Gifts!

Have something specific in mind? We have the knowledge and expertise to bring your gifting dreams to life.

If you're interested in placing a corporate order and have branded materials, we would be happy to incorporate them into your design. Want something in your company colors? We've got you! Please submit this form with some starting information and we will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to working with you!

Customers we've served include: home builders, realtors, hospitals, staffing agencies, retirement communities, car dealerships, handymen, clothing stores, law firms, engineers, rocket scientists... you name it!

This form is for bulk (5+) orders. If you would like a custom one-off gift, please give us a call (303.454.8844).

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How to Find Us

  • We operate out of a working studio, not a traditional storefront.

    If you need to drop off inventory or pick up a basket, here's a map to help you out! We're on the 3rd floor.

    Mon-Fri: 10am-4pm